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Worm compost is more concentrated than most other composts because worms are excellent at digesting food wastes and breaking them down into simple plant nutrients ("Vermicompost" Wikipedia). Use it sparingly for best results.

Compost Tea:

Vermicompost can be used to make compost tea (worm tea), by mixing some vermicompost in water and steeping it for a number of hours or days. The resulting liquid is used as a fertilizer or a natural pesticide you can spray or water your plants with. Simply add two tablespoons of vermicompost to one quart of water and allow it to steep for a day, mixing it occasionally. Optional: Add ¼ Teaspoon of Molasses for feeding the microbes in the worm castings.

Mulch or work your worm compost into:

1. Houseplants: Sprinkle worm compost around the base of plants to fertilize. Each time you water, plant nutrients will seep into the soil.

2. Potting Mixes: For healthy seedlings, mix one part worm castings with three parts potting mix or three parts sand and soil combined.

To amend or fix soil, worm castings can be spread one-half to two inches thick over garden soil and mixed in before planting, or mixed into the bottom of seeding trenches or transplanting holes.

*Be sure that the worm castings are not piled against plant stems.

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